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AGi DMC is gratified to announce the appointment of #Joy Ghose as our Chief Business Advisor to the Board of Directors at #AGi Technosys group. AGi is building the world's largest repository of Travel-related products covering all verticals inclusions i.e. #Tours & Activities, #hotels, #flights, #rentals, and #transfers. With an in-house team of engineers, the Singapore-based firm aims to develop a total-API-based solution with additional marketplace capability for not only content/ price/ sync and distribution but also a creation of an interface for supplier content management. …

The whole world is under lockdown and this pandemic has affected several industries. But one of these which has been affected gravely is the tourism sector. It has already entered a crisis due to the worldwide panic. The impact of COVID-19 virus on the tours, activities, and outdoor experiences is unquestionable and how long will its duration and scope go on, is still unknown. The travel today has come to a standstill, causing massive revenue and job losses. Sadly, most of the tourism sector in the world had only planned for the trouble-free sunny days and the clear skies. …


Largest Wholesaler & API Distributor of Tours & Activities, Experiences, Attraction Tickets, Day Tours, Multi-Day Tours, Transfers, Hotels & Flights

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